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Kitchen Counter Real Estate

Kitchen Counter Real Estate


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Have you determined to make your kitchen a place of order and beauty? Yes? Congrats from me to you. Making the decision is an important first step.

So where to begin?

Your counters. There is immediate pay-off in clean, clear counters so it's the ideal place to start.

Round up a few boxes and bags or combination of the two. Designate one 'PUT AWAY' for items that don't belong in this room. Go ahead and label it - write right on the box or bag. Label another 'GIVE AWAY' for items you are ready to part with. The last one is for TRASH, in case your kitchen waste basket is too small. And hopefully, you have a way of dealing with recyclables, but if not, go ahead and use an additional box or bag temporarily and we'll get you fixed up later.

Take a deep breath and a good look at your counters. What is the first thing you notice? For most of us, they're far too crowded. Coffeepot, toaster, food processor, blender, juicer, stand mixer, microwave, toaster oven, plus paper piles and miscellany.  Do you see any appliances with duplicate functions? For instance, do you really need a toaster, a toaster oven and a microwave? A juicer, a blender and a food processor?


Far be it from me to tell you exactly what to eliminate. Just consider how much that real estate, your kitchen counters, is worth. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a generous area for prepping veggies, mixing cookies, kneading bread dough? 

So take courage and plunge in. If it's not related to food preparation it doesn't belong there. Mail and bills, school papers, sunglasses, keys (germ-laden!), craft projects and toys generally do not belong on kitchen counters.


Don't worry about drawers and cupboards at this time, your task is just to free up some counter space. If you are working with a small block of time, set a timer on your phone and get as much done as you can in the time allotted. When the timer dings, take out the trash and recyclables and stow the GIVE AWAY box. Take another minute, if you can, to put away the items in the PUT AWAY box, otherwise stow it, too, until the next scheduled de-junking session.

Then step back, take a deep breath, and revel in your progress. Run your hands over the newly cleared length of your countertops and be glad for the real estate you have reclaimed.

Need some support (and maybe a roadmap) on your journey to a clean, orderly kitchen? Check this out: be-clutter-free

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