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Not romance IN the kitchen, though that can be fun.  RomancING the kitchen. What does this mean??? It means falling in love with your kitchen - yes, yours - and letting it love you in return. 

Maybe your kitchen is too small, too cluttery, oddly laid out, inadequate in some ways. But it's yours. How lucky you are to have that kitchen. For this moment it is exactly what you need. And it's yours!

You have running water (hot and cold, no less), refrigeration to keep food fresh, some cupboards and drawers for food and utensil storage, surfaces for preparing food, a  stove for cooking.

Draw in a deep breath, look around you, and say thank you. T h a n k   y o u.

What can do to show your kitchen some gratitude and affection? Clean it. A good, thorough de-junking followed by some loving polishing and organizing. 

A clean, orderly kitchen is a joy to use and elevates cooking to pleasure. Imagine walking into your kitchen, windows shining, sink gleaming, counters clear, inviting you to prepare a meal.  Ahhh, this is what I mean by falling in love with your kitchen and letting it love you back.

Determine to make it so.

Schedule time in your calendar, either a couple of big blocks or many smaller bites, and tackle it. Somehow, almost magically, as you go through the movements of clearing away excess junk, exposing surfaces and polishing them with rag and cleanser, something amazing happens. Appreciation wells up in your heart for what you have, and peace steals over you.

Instead of resenting the room and what it may represent (clutter, grime, failed intentions) you may find other thoughts take their place...tranquility, positivity, gratitude. Suddenly, preparing a meal seems possible. Not just possible, but desirable.

Need some next steps to get you started? Read on...